Donald Trump Is Under Investigation And Not In Political Trial

Dominican congressman Adriano Espaillat explained Tuesday, through a speech, that the House of Representatives in the United States is conducting an investigation process and not a political trial against President Donald Trump, who is accused of violating the Constitution and putting at risk the national security of the North American country.

Investigations against the president began after he offered $ 400 million in arms to his counterpart in Ukraine to investigate the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Espaillat said that “it is not a political trial, but an investigation process that we are carrying out in the Chamber since, unlike the cases of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, there is no special prosecutor assigned by the Department of American Justice. "


"For these reasons, the congress and its three committees on jurisdiction, intelligence, supervision and foreign relations, assumed the investigation behind closed doors and more because no one can go to the Prosecutor's Office and say that" it wants to be investigated, "he said.

The congressman clarified that the call that the members of the Republican Party are seeking to “interfere” with the investigation of “undue” in view of the fact that the House is already in “that phase”. He also explained that this process has been completed and that a vote will be taken to determine “the next step”.

"After the internal investigation process, public hearings will be held in which the witnesses will publicly give the same testimonies they offered behind closed doors because it will be a public process," he added.

Espaillat confirmed that testimony hearings will be broadcast live throughout the United States.

Similarly, he said that at the end of the public hearings, they will be sent to the Judiciary Committee which will decide whether charges should be raised against the president.

"I think that when the tests come out publicly there will be many citizens who will change their minds," he concluded.



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