Donald Trump Jr. Hunted An Endangered Mouflon In Mongolia

The official authorization to bring down that and another animal was granted retroactively to the firstborn of the US president. after he had left the region.

A hunting expedition conducted by Donald Trump Jr. to Mongolia ended with two specimens of dead protected species and a permit granted retroactively by the local government.

The trip of the firstborn of the president of the USA It took place last August, although the details have only been revealed this week in an investigation by the nonprofit agency ProPublica. Accompanied by local and US national security personnel, Trump Jr. made his way to the West Mongolia region.


According to the story of one of his guides, Khuandyg Akhbas, Trump Jr. struck down an argali with a laser-sight rifle, a kind of big-horned Asian mouflon that is in danger of extinction.

"He avoided the hunting guides dismembering him at the hunting site and asked them to use an aluminum foil to transport the body and not damage the fur or the horns," he added. During the expedition he also hunted a red deer, which requires, as in the case of the Argalis, a special permit.

Meeting and particular authorization

However, the authorization was issued retroactively by the Mongol government last September 2, when Trump Jr. had already left the place. Reportedly, it was one of three hunting permits that have been issued in the region.

Before leaving the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, the son of the White House tenant met with the country's president, Khaltmaagiin Battulga, although the reasons for the meeting did not transcend. Nor did Trump Jr. provide details, who shared images of his trip on his social networks, but without mentioning the hunting of the Argali or the red deer.



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