Donald Trump Jr. Sets His Sights On The Mess Of Supplies


01/19/2020 | 10: 32 a.m.

Puerto Rico fell in the peephole of Donald Trump, Jr., one of the sons of US President Donald Trump, after finding aid for victims in a warehouse in Ponce.


The president's vocal son tweeted this morning on several occasions about how the storage of aid, which was there since the time of Hurricane Maria in 2017 – and that has not been used for those affected or for people in need after the tremors that have left thousands of refugees in the south – proves that his father "Trump was right after all, as always."

So Trump was right after all !!!
As usual.

Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced fires emergency director after aid is found sitting in warehouse.

– Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 19, 2020

Although he did not specify what he meant, the president has been very vocal in criticizing the authorities of Puerto Rico and it is understood that his opinion is key to the slowness in the allocation of aid after the hurricanes of 2017.

This message from Trump Jr. is accompanied by a report from CBS News on the dismissal of Carlos Acevedo from the headquarters of the Emergency Management and Disaster Management Bureau after the discovery of the supplies, which were eventually claimed by citizens who forced their entry to the warehouse

In less than an hour, the message received over 800 comments and 18,000 "likes" on Twitter, with many of those reactions rejecting Trump and others criticizing Puerto Rico or its politicians.

He also shared a message from an author by the name of Charlie Kirk, a sympathizer of his father, who describes Puerto Rican politicians as "liars, despicable … they should all be imprisoned."

The self serving, lying, despicable politicians in Puerto Rico spent weeks bashing Trump while hiding aid from their citizens

They should all go to prison quickly for this unforgivable crime against citizens who desperately needed help

– Charlie Kirk (@ charliekirk11) January 19, 2020

The message includes a video where part of the stored aids are seen, where the person making the recording says that the stored products are "all that is needed right now".



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