Donald Trump Lashed Out Again Against Greta Thunbe …

Donald Trump Lashed Out Again Against Greta Thunbe …

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, criticized the appointment of Greta Thunberg as a personality of 2019 by Time magazine. Trump said the young Swedish environmental activist should "relax" and go to the movies with friends. True to his style, he turned to Twitter to attack the young activist, who responded with irony. French President Emmanuel Macron tried to position himself halfway between them.

"So ridiculous. Greta must work on her anger management problem, and then go see a good movie with a friend! Relax, Greta, relax!" Trump tweeted.


Quickly, the teenager came to the cross with irony. He updated the biography on his Twitter account: "A teenage girl working on her anger management problem. Currently relaxing and watching a good movie with a friend."

It was not the first crossing between them. In a November interview with the AFP agency, on the eve of his trip to North America where he spent almost three months, Thunberg said Trump's denial of climate change had helped boost the movement. "It's so extreme and says such extreme things, that I think that helps people wake up," he said.

Thunberg and Trump shared the same room when they reached the Climate Summit in New York. A video of that moment was viralized, which shows the teenager glaring at the president while moving with his entourage of collaborators.

The president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., also criticized Time's decision and wrote on his Twitter account that the media "left out protesters in Hong Kong fighting for their lives and freedoms to promote a teenager who is being used as a marketing trick. "

The popular American magazine on Wednesday revealed its selection of Thunberg as the Personality of the Year and published on its cover a photo of the young woman accompanied by the headline “The power of youth.” “Thunberg began a worldwide mobilization missing school,” he explains the magazine article, and adds: "From August 2018, he spent days camping in front of the Swedish Parliament with a sign that read: 'School strike for the weather'".

Since then, Greta "has spoken to heads of state at the United Nations, has met with the pope, has debated with the president of the United States and has inspired 4 million people to join in a global climate strike on September 20, "according to the magazine.

Trump was not the only world leader who attacked the activist. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called Thunberg "brat" in response to the Swedish girl's statements about the deaths of indigenous people in the Amazon. "The natives die for trying to protect the forests from illegal deforestation. Again and again. It is a shame that the world remains silent about that," Thunberg had written in his social networks.

During a plenary session at the international forum of the Russian Energy Week, Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to take away Thunberg's speech by pointing out that it is a "very good and sincere girl to whom no one has explained that the current world it's complex and diverse. "

In recent hours, French President Emmanuel Macron tried to maintain an equidistant position between both parties. He raised how difficult it is to make himself heard on the issue of the fight against climate change between the "Greta club" Thunberg and the "Donald club" Trump.

"A lot of people want a change but it's very difficult because you never move fast enough for Greta and it's always too much for Donald," he added during a conversation at the presidency headquarters with 80 students and researchers winning the program "Make our planet great again ", released two years ago.

"There are people who are with Greta who say: 'They do nothing, they are the worst', which is desperate, makes people feel guilty and that in my opinion does not change things. And there are those with Donald who say : 'What they do is useless, it will never work,' "he added shortly before leaving for Brussels for a European summit where the climate struggle will be discussed.

"I want us to make a club of ours" with the aim of "that people change their habits, understand that it is possible," he said. Meanwhile, scientific evidence suggests that any delay in the fight to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will aggravate warming, with catastrophic consequences for the entire planet. For now, emissions increased 0.6 percent in 2019 worldwide, according to the annual Global Carbon Project (GCP) balance sheet.



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