Donald Trump Launches New Warning To Iran

The tension between the United States and Iran continues; US President Donald Trump used his Twitter account to re-issue a warning to the leaders of Iran, so that they do not attempt against people who are unhappy about the demolition of a civilian aircraft in the Islamic Republic.

Thus, Donald Trump's warning to Iran was that if they killed their protesters, the United States would be watching. For his part, his secretary of defense left the door open to talks with Tehran, without preconditions.

The warning of Donald Trump comes at a time when the Iranian regime faces the anger of the protesters, in a context of high tension between Washington and Tehran.


Iran police dispersed student demonstrations in the city of Tehran on Saturday, this in memory of the 176 people who died on Wednesday, when the army "mistakenly destroyed" a commercial aircraft of a Ukrainian airline.

According to Amnesty International, before Donald Trump's warning, the US president complained to the Iranian authorities and accused them of killing or detaining at least 300 people from November to date.

The bilateral context is especially tense after the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in a US attack on January 3 in Iraq.

On Wednesday, Iranian forces launched missiles on bases with US soldiers in Iraq, leaving no victims.

Despite the tensions, in an interview with the CBS network broadcast just before the president's tweet was published, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday that Donald Trump is still willing to talk with Iranian leaders.

"We are willing to sit down and discuss without preconditions a new way, a series of measures that will make Iran a more normal country." Mark Esper, secretary of defense.

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