Donald Trump Lifts Sanctions On Turkey

Washington – President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will lift all sanctions on Turkey after the NATO ally agreed to permanently withdraw his attack on Kurdish forces in Syria. The president also defended his decision to withdraw US forces.

"We're leaving," Trump said in the White House, and said his measures saved the lives of tens of thousands of Kurds. "Let others fight over that bloodstained sand."

The president, who campaigned on the promise of ending US participation in “endless wars,” boasted that he had reduced the US presence in Syria from 2,000 troops less than a year ago to a quota of between 200 and 300.


Legislators from both b anks whipped the president for turning his back on the Kurds, who fought shoulder to shoulder with the Americans against the Islamic State group. They also wondered if the measure has not allowed a resurgence of the group, known by the acronym ISIS.

"I fear that a total withdrawal will create a space for ISIS to regroup, grow and gain strength," said senior Republican lawmaker in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul. “The irresponsible withdrawal of President (Barack) Obama from Iraq taught us that power vacuums are taken advantage of by the worst enemies of the United States. We do not want to repeat the same error. We must learn from history. ”

Trump warned that he will impose sanctions again if Turkey fails to deliver on his promise of a permanent ceasefire. Weeks ago, Trump halted negotiations for a $ 100 billion trade deal with Turkey, raised steel tariffs by 50% and imposed sanctions on three senior Turkish officials, as well as the Ministry of Defense and Energy.

"The task of our armed forces is not to be the world's police," Trump said. “Other nations must step forward and do their part. Today’s move is a step in that direction. ”



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