Donald Trump Makes Fun Of ” Parasites ” By Triumph At The Oscars And So They Respond

The US president cannot understand why they gave him the South Korean production award.

The president of United States, Donald Trump deplored this Thursday who has won the Oscar for the ‘Best Movie’ to South Korea Parasites, by wondering how a foreign film could get that honor.


“How bad were the Academy Awards this year?”, Trump He asked the crowd at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“We have enough problems with South Korea, with trade. Also, do they give them the best movie of the year?” Asked the president, incredulous.

Parasites It is a dark comedy that explores class divisions, made history by becoming the first non-English language film to win the annual Hollywood biggest prize.

“Was it okay? I don’t know,” he said. Trump, who seemed Indicate that I had not seen the movie.

Neon, the US distributor of Parasites, responded to the president on Twitter, saying that his opposition to the subtitled movie was “Understandable, can’t read,” the account was written.

Trump, whose presidency is based on a nationalist slogan “United States first,” said it was time to recover the classics of the golden age of Hollywood.

“Can we recover ‘What the wind took away’ please? ‘Sunset Boulevard?'” Asked the president, who also criticized the Oscar winner for the best supporting actor, Brad Pitt, who supported the political trial against the president.