Donald Trump Now Seeks Apple's Help To Beat Huawei

Donald Trump has once again demonstrated his obsession with 5G technology, led by the Chinese company Huawei.

The president said he asked Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, for help so that the network can be implemented by an American company.

“I asked Tim Cook to see if it is possible for Apple to be involved in the implementation of 5G in the United States. They have everything: money, technology, vision and Cook! ”He tweeted.


Donald Trump visited the new Apple plant in Texas on Wednesday and flattered Cook. "He is a very special person when it comes to this country," said the Republican, who also considers exempting the company from tariffs.

But can Apple?

In China things are already more advanced in the implementation of 5G with Huawei in the lead. Also, Apple has not even launched 5G phones, something it expects to do in 2020 after buying the modem division of Intel. Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi are in the lead with models presented this year.

For now, it seems more like Trump's wish than a solid plan that Apple considers feasible.

And while the United States is looking for a strategy for 5G, China is already planning 6G with Huawei, again, at the helm.



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