Donald Trump Offered His Help For The Massacre Of Americans In Mexico: "Sometimes You Need An Army To Defeat The Cartels!"

"A wonderful family and friends from Utah were caught between two vicious drug cartels, which shot at each other, resulting in the death of great Americans – including young children – and some missing," the commentary began. American on your Twitter account. And he continued: "If Mexico needs or asks for help to clean these monsters, the United States is ready, willing and able to get involved and do the work quickly and effectively."

"The great new president of Mexico has made this a great issue, but the posters have become so large and powerful that sometimes you need an army to defeat an army!" Trump concluded.

In his daily press conference, the Mexican president responded to his counterpart from the United States and thanked him for the initiative to cooperate with his country. "I'm going to call President Trump, he did it after the events in Culiacán, he will be reciprocated if he is asking to talk to me," AMLO began when asked by journalists.


“We thank President Trump, any foreign government that wants to cooperate. But, in these cases, we have to act independently, in accordance with our constitution and with our tradition of independence and sovereignty. I am going to speak with President Trump to thank him for his support, to see if we would ask for help under the current international agreements. I think we do not need to address these cases, from the intervention of a foreign government, all this in a very respectful way. We are a free and sovereign country, no other government can intervene in our territory, if there is no agreement and the express request of our government, ”said the Mexican head of state.

At least nine members of the LeBarón family – American citizens based in a well-known Mormon community in northern Mexico – were killed after an attack by an organized crime group. The activist Julián LeBarón confirmed that on Monday afternoon they were preparing to travel from the municipality of Galeana to the town of Bavispe in the state of Sonora.



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