Donald Trump orders to prevent Chinese airlines flights from entering the United States

Donald Trump Orders To Prevent Chinese Airlines Flights From Entering The United States

Washington – President Donald Trump’s government took steps on Wednesday to prevent Chinese airlines from flying into the United States, in an escalation of trade and travel tensions between the two countries.

The Department of Transportation said it would suspend passenger flights by four Chinese airlines to and from the United States beginning June 16.

Washington made the decision after China refrained from allowing United Airlines and Delta Air Lines to resume their flights this week to China, which were suspended earlier this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic that started in China’s Wuhan province. .


The Department of Transportation said China was violating an agreement between the two countries that covered the flights of each nation’s airlines.

“The Department will continue to urge our Chinese colleagues so that American and Chinese airlines can fully exercise their bilateral rights,” the agency said in a statement. “In the meantime, we will allow Chinese airlines to operate the same number of regular passenger flights that the Chinese government allows ours.”

The Department said that President Donald Trump could put the order into effect before June 16.



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