Donald Trump Passed Hong Kong's "Democracy Law" That Enrages China

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, ratified on Wednesday the so-called “Law of Democracy” of Hong Kong, a measure that reaffirms the country's support for the semi-autonomous region of China that months ago is going through protests by pro-democratic sectors .

The Law had been approved in both houses of the US Congress with broad support from both parties, something unusual in a country dominated by polarization. “I have signed the projects out of respect for President Xi (Jinping, president of China), China and the people of Hong Kong. They are approved in the hope that the leaders and representatives of China and Hong Kong will resolve their differences in a friendly manner and this will lead to a situation of long-term peace and prosperity, "Trump said in a statement on the occasion of the firm.

Specifically, the law terminates the United States special trade statute for Hong Kong unless the State Department annually certifies that city authorities respect human rights and the rule of law.


The law also requires the president of the United States to identify and punish those responsible for the erosion of autonomy and serious human rights abuses in Hong Kong.

Already when it was approved by the House of Representatives, the project generated a strong repudiation on the part of China, which expressed its “strong indignation”. "What Hong Kong faces is not the so-called problem of human rights and democracy at all, but the issue of stopping violence, restoring order and defending the rule of law as soon as possible," said the spokesman for the Ministry of Relations Outsiders, Geng Shuang, in a statement.

In fact, one day before Trump signed the law, China's Foreign Ministry summoned the US ambassador, Terry Branstad, to protest against approval by Congress.

The Ministry said in a notice posted on its website that Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zheng Zeguang, urged the United States “to correct its mistakes and stop meddling in Hong Kong's affairs and interfering with China's internal affairs. "

Zheng said that the adoption of the Human Rights and Democracy Law was a way of encouraging violence and was a serious violation of international law and the basic norms of international relations.

China had warned that it would take retaliatory action if Trump passed the law.

The decision comes a day after Trump said the United States and China were very close to making significant progress in their trade war.

Hong Kong, a former British colony and now a semi-autonomous Chinese region, has been shaken for months by demonstrations by citizens accusing Beijing of meddling in the promised freedoms when the United Kingdom returned the territory to China in 1997.

However, China portrays protesters as violent separatists and becomes enraged at any foreign interference in the matter.

In the Hong Kong district elections, held last Sunday, the main pro-democracy party obtained almost 90% of the 452 elective positions. The result gave them control of 17 of the 18 district councils, an unprecedented result.



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