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CHICAGO, Illinois. – Donald Trump plans to visit Chicago on October 28. This would be the first visit he would carry out as president of the United States to the City of Winds.

Trump has been a tough critic of the crime in Chicago for years, however his visit is not to address the issue of violence, but for a fundraiser organized by members of the Republican Party and Todd Rickett, one of the owners of the Chicago Cubs


According to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, the location of the fundraising event has not been established. However, it is believed that it could be in the Trump Tower, in 401 north of Wabash Avenue or in some other location in downtown Chicago. Wrigley Field was ruled out as an option.

The relationship between Trump and Chicago has been difficult. The president has criticized the sanctuary cities, and city officials like Lori Lightfoot have been critical of their positions on immigration issues. In addition, he has been criticizing the tragic crime situation in the city for years.

Illinois sio saw a visit from the president in 2018, causing Congressman Luis Gutierrez and other leaders, who considered the president to promote hatred in the country and considered him a "hypocrite" for his trip to Illinois.

Trump visited the small town of Granite, south of the state amid tensions with China after the intensification of the trade war with China. However, hundreds of workers were benefiting after the reopening of a heavy metal factory. However, the visit was not without tensions, since many agricultural workers were unhappy about the conditions that the rates had provided.

Social networks react

Trump's visit has sparked several comments from the Chicago community on social networks. "Ok, we are ready," they said on the popular La Villita Facebook page, when they shared the news that Trump was coming to Chicago. Journalists such as Aimee Levitt and Sanjana Karanth also commented on the situation.

"Trump has been too scared to visit Chicago since he was elected president. This will be interesting," Karanth said. "Well, comrades in Chicago, you know what to do," Levitt said.

In addition, the comments have not only focused on Trump visiting Chicago, but also on the role that one of the Cubs owners would play in all this. "Donald Trump has ruined many things, including any whit of love he had for the Cubs," commented user @shalompoem on Twitter.

Reactions to Trump's visit by the Chicago community could increase as the date of the presidential visit is planned.

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