Donald Trump Predicts That Kamala Harris Will Be President Due To “Biden’s Incapacity”

Former US President Donald Trump said Monday afternoon that due to Joe Biden’s mental decline, Kamala Harris could be named president under the 25th Amendment. However, he hopes that will not happen.

“Look, I hope, that’s something very serious and I hope that never happens. But it is certainly very crazy everything that is happening, all the things that he is signing, you do not understand what he is saying … “, said Trump.

The former president made reference to the fact that the day before the accident, Biden himself called Kamala Harris president during a speech, which has brought up the predictions of Trump, who during the presidential campaign used the argument that Biden was incapacitated to govern.


Trump also spoke out about the fall of Biden, and according to the portal of “El Diario NY” that published Trump’s statements, he said that he expected something like this to happen to Biden, and that he himself takes precautions so that he does not happen.

“His fall was terrible, and it really wasn’t one, it was three and he was hardly mentioned by the media,” Trump said.

The president’s remarks were given after a phone call with Newsmax journalist Greg Kelly.



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