Donald Trump Presented His New Migratory Plan Based On Merit: "We Will Not Discriminate More Bright"

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After years of setbacks and stagnations, President Donald Trump presented another immigration plan on Thursday in an attempt to convince the US public and lawmakers that the current system needs to be reformed.

The president explained that his plan seeks to "radical modernization" of the legal immigration process that "is totally dysfunctional." It will be based on the merit of those who want to live in the US. "Our proposal is pro-American, pro-immigrant and pro-workers. It will help everyone achieve the American dream," he promised. "We will no longer discriminate against bright, talented immigrants. We want these exceptional students to stay in the US," he added to explain that the proposal will be based on merit.


The Republican explained that he decided to replace the traditional "Green cards" with "Build America Visa" (Visa Build United States).

"We will give more points for being a young worker, having valuable knowledge and an offer of employment and advanced education, or a plan to create jobs" in the United States, in addition to converting the level of English and "civics" into two requirements indispensable, said Trump.

The president also said that the proposal includes a strong border security package that will be self-financed with the activity of the border itself. In addition, he revealed that the wall, which is already being built, "moves very fast."

The White House has decided to focus on redesigning only legal immigration regulations, without addressing the situation of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US or the limbo in which young people called "dreamers" are.

The new initiative, promoted by Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and advisor, focuses on border security and on modifying the current system of "green cards" (permanent residence cards for immigrants) in order to favor highly qualified people, with university careers and already received job offers, and not to relatives of those already in the United States.

The plan would create a point-based visa system, similar to that applied by Canada and other countries. Officials asked to remain anonymous so they could outline the plan before Trump made his announcement.

The United States would grant the same number of visas as it does to date, but a much larger number would be given to exceptional students, professionals and people with technical diplomas. Other factors that will be taken into account are age, English proficiency and job offers.

A much smaller number of permits will be granted to people with relatives in US territory. The visa lottery could be eliminated by diversity, which offers green cards to citizens of countries with low historical rates of immigration to the United States.



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