Donald Trump, President Of The United States, Already Has a Channel On Twitch

Twitch, the streaming platform best known for its video game content, is a really popular site and is gaining importance in sectors outside of gaming. As proof we have that politicians like Donald Trump, president of the United States, already have channels on this site.

A few days ago, the Donald Trump communication team opened a Twitch channel. As you can imagine, this has caught the attention of several people, which has resulted in already having more than 70,000 followers and that their transmissions have achieved more than 275,000 total views.

But what on earth does Donald Trump transmit on his Twitch channel? Before you imagine the president of the United States sitting in a gaming chair in the oval office while enjoying a Fortnite split account or building something in Minecraft, you should know that its content has nothing to do with video games. In fact, he uses it to transmit his political rallies in which he campaigns for his re-election.


It is worth mentioning that Donald Trump is not the first politician who uses Twitch to carry his message. A couple of months ago, Democrat Bernie Sanders opened a Twitch channel that already has more than 89,000 followers. Long before them, Andrew Yang, a businessman and candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the United States, used this platform to connect with the public.

And you, what do you think about these strategies? Do you think they are effective for these politicians? Tell us in the comments.

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