Donald Trump Proposed To Shoot Immigrants Arriving From Mexico In The Legs

The president of United States, Donald Trump, he suggested a few months ago shoot in the legs to the immigrants that crossed the border with Mexico irregularly, according to an article published Tuesday by
The New York Times

This New York newspaper, which cited a dozen White House officials on condition of anonymity, made a reconstruction of the weeks that in March and April led to the restructuring of the Department of Homeland Security, responsible for US immigration policy.



Trump's heterodox measures were proposed in private circles

According to this article, Trump, frustrated by the increase in migratory flow at the border with Mexico and because of the failure of the strategies adopted until then to stop it, he privately proposed a series of heterodox measures.

The president, for example, proposed to complement the Wall on the border with a pit full of water and full of alligators and snakes; a project for which he even asked for a quote from his advisors according to The New York Times.

Trump also wanted to buy alligators and snakes to put them in a pit and stop the entry of Mexican immigrants
(Elliot Spagat / AP)

In that context, Trump also wanted to electrify the border barrier or install spikes that could pierce the human body. That was when the president proposed shoot in the legs

to immigrants so they could not move forward.

Trump already said in November 2018 that the military deployed at the border were authorized to open fire in case of being attacked by immigrants who then went to the US in caravan from Honduras. This time, however, the president went further by suggesting that they be shot for the mere fact of crossing the border without papers.


Trump's advisors convinced him not to close the border completely

According to the sources consulted by The New York Times, in both cases the advisors had to clarify to Trump that it was not allowed to shoot the migrants.

In addition to the restructuring of the Department of Homeland Security with officials you trust, Trump he also came out with the idea of ​​threatening Mexico with tariffs to pressure the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador on immigration, something that ended up doing weeks later. His initial idea had been to completely close the border, but his advisors convinced him after days of meetings that it was unfeasible.

Arizona-United States border in Arizona

Arizona-United States border in Arizona
(davelogan / Getty Images / iStockphoto)

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