Donald Trump Proudly Remembers His Participation In 'My Poor Little Angel'

It should be remembered that Donald Trump appears briefly in a scene from the 1992 film and is reminded to answer a question from Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, who was looking for the hotel lobby.

The North American president granted a videoconference to the American troops, who questioned him about his participation in the film, for this reason, Trump recalled his experience and shared it with the soldiers pointing out that it was an “honor” for him.

"He was a little younger, say," recalled the former real estate agent without imagining that years later he would win the presidential elections and settle in the White House.


"Obviously it has become a great success," he continued. “A great Christmas success, one of the biggest. It's an honor to have been involved in something like that, ”Trump confessed.

According to Matt Damon in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he granted in 2017, the actor said that the billionaire only allowed them access to their facilities in exchange for a small role in the film.



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