Donald Trump Publishes This Photo Of Nancy Pelosi To Insult Her (and Her Response Makes Her Viral) | Univision Politics News

President Donald Trump posted a photo on Twitter accompanied by an insulting message to the president of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

Trump published the photo of the scandalous meeting at the White House in which the Democrats say the president, among other things, insulted the Democratic leader.

"The deranged collapse of the nervous Nancy!" Said the president. The image taken by the White House shows the Democrat by California standing pointing at Trump sitting, with his hands on his lap, looking at her across the table.


During a meeting in which Democratic leaders of Congress said the president had a "collapse."

Pelosi soon took the picture and put it on the cover of his Twitter profile.

Following this action by the Democratic leader, who was understood as a proud attitude of a powerful woman facing a president famous for attacking and insulting his critics, the image quickly became viral.

Users on social networks commented that, far from being insulting, the image shows "a woman in control" being she the only woman visible at that table. Another user commented that this photo should be the Pelosi campaign poster.

Others commented the attitude of those who accompany Trump at the table, crestfallen, commenting that they seem ashamed of the president.

Pelosi's cabinet deputy chief, Drew Hammill, "thanked" Trump for giving them a new profile picture for the Democrat.

The meeting at the White House was to discuss Trump's order to withdraw US troops in northern Syria and the 'abandonment' of Kurds in the region, who were the key allies in the US fight against ISIS. It is estimated that about 1,000 prisoners of the extremist group are in the custody of the Kurds who are now under attack by Turkey's advance in the territories in which they live.

Republicans and Democrats fervently criticized this decision after an overwhelming bipartisan vote on a resolution against the withdrawal of the Trump administration's troops.

After the abrupt end of the meeting, Pelosi and Senate Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer said Trump "began calling President Pelosi a third-class politician."

According to a restatement of The New York Times, Trump also measured himself with Pelosi and said he cared more about defeating terrorism than she did.

"I hate ISIS more than you," the president said to which Pelosi replied: "You don't know."
Then Trump said: "You are just a policy."

"Sometimes I wish you were," Pelosi replied.

According to the reconstruction of the newspaper, Schumer intervened to tell Trump that insults were not necessary and the president attacked Pelosi: "You are not a policy, you are a third-degree policy." Pelosi got up to leave, but stayed a few more seconds, until he finally retired.

Later on Wednesday, the president tweeted a series of photographs of the meeting together insulting Pelosi calling her "a very sick person!"

A "unique and unprecedented" scandal: the protagonists of the controversial call that could bring Donald Trump to political trial (photos)


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