Donald Trump Pulls 'muscle' Out Of Good Economic Data

The president of the United States (USA), Donald Trump, hung on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 a photo montage on the Twitter social network in which his face is seen on the body of a stocky boxer, after the announcement of Good economic data in the country.

The image shows Trump's face on a muscular boxer's body, laureate with a champion belt, with the colors white, red and blue, those of the country's flag; and with gloves.

The US Government reported on Wednesday that GDP grew at an annual rate of 2.1% between July and September, that is, two tenths more than previously calculated and one tenth above the increase recorded in the previous quarter.


Since the end of the Great Recession, in July 2009, US economic activity has grown steadily and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which estimates this year's increase by 2.4%, has set the outlook for 2020 in 2.1%.

It is not the first time Trump has published tweets of this style since he came to the Presidency in 2017.

In April of this year he turned to the popular series 'Game of Thrones' to strut on Twitter for the statements of the attorney general, William Barr, who said that the investigation of the so-called Russian plot to find out if there was interference from Moscow in the campaign to the 2016 elections had not found evidence against him.

On that occasion, Trump published his tweet as a montage that mimicked the aesthetics – including the typography – of the popular series that began last season on Sunday, November 24, 2019.

In that image, you could see the president, on his back, looking at an invisible horizon through the fog.

It was not the first time Trump had referred to 'Game of Thrones', as he had previously used a similar assembly to warn Iran of the impending imposition of sanctions.

In that tweet it read "Sanctions are approaching", paraphrasing 'Winter is coming', which the characters in the series have pronounced so many times.



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