Donald Trump Punishes Today With Tariffs On European Cheeses And Wines – 10/18/2019

The Donald Trump White House trade wars do not stop. This time it is the main historical allies of the United States, but that detail does not seem to worry the tycoon President. Since Friday, sanctions on 7.5 billion dollars of European products, especially delicatessen, come into force.

The effect is extremely harmful. The French winemakers beg the government for help. Italian farmers are looking for new markets to export. And American consumers await an unpleasant surprise at seeing the greatly increased prices of European products in their supermarkets.

The new US tariffs on food, wine and other products came into effect in response to subsidies deemed illegal by the World Trade Organization to the manufacturer of Airbus aircraft. But it's all very glassy. The United States is also accused of illegal subsidies to Boeing, the European competitor.


EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Holmstrom threatened Friday to apply punitive tariffs to US products as a reply. He urged to negotiate instead of waging a trade war. But the cards seem already drawn.

The chamber of French wine exporters FEVS asked the government for help to compensate for the expected drop in sales. The United States is the main export market for French wines.

The main chamber of Italian agricultural producers predicted a 20% drop in sales of products such as Parmesan and Gorgonzola cheeses and cold cuts.

Brussels, Rome, Paris. Agencies and Clarín



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