Donald Trump Qualifies As "antipatriot" The Process Of Political Trial Against Him

President Donald Trump called the investigation process carried out against him by the Democrats in Congress as "antipatriot" and "something bad for our country."

Trump made the remarks during a meeting with the NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, during the start of a summit of heads of state of the organization.

The president criticized the Democrats for holding a hearing on the political trial while he is abroad.


The lower house Judicial Commission convened a hearing about the constitutional foundations of a possible political trial for Wednesday, just as two days of meetings of the members of the Atlantic alliance in London end.

"I think it's very unpatriotic for the Democrats to put on a show," Trump said. "It seems like a bad thing for our country," he added.

The president is not the only one who has expressed objections. The secretary of state, Mike Pompeo; White House lawyer Pat Cipollone; and adviser Kellyanne Conway have said that the call was inopportune.

Trump has said he is only interested in obtaining triumphs in domestic and foreign policy, including a NATO reform so that members spend more on defense, but often seems interested only in the events of the day of the battle against the political trial.

"I don't even think about that," Trump insisted again on Tuesday.

Before leaving for London, Trump whipped out the "useless Democrats" for calling the audience during the NATO meeting. "It's not right!" He mentioned.

He also commented that during the flight he read a report by the Republicans about the political trial, according to which his decision to withhold military aid to Ukraine was "totally prudent."

The Democrats argued that Trump abused his presidential powers by retaining help to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

However, Trump firmly reiterated that the cloud of political judgment did not weaken his position to negotiate on the international scene.

"I know almost every leader," Trump said. "I get along with them. It is a fraud. The political trial is a fraud. It has turned out to be a fraud. They do it only to obtain a political gain. They will see if they can do something in 2020 because if not, they will lose. ”

Trump devoted time and attention to his re-election campaign during his stay in London. He attended a fundraising meeting with US residents abroad to benefit Trump's Victoria fund, a joint account of his campaign and the Republican National Committee. $ 3 million was raised for his campaign, according to a Republican close to the event.

The president wanted to downplay a report by the inspector general of the Department of Justice, scheduled for December 9, about the origins of the Russian interference investigation, which upset his first years in office.

In response to a statement that the inspector general considers that the investigation was properly funded, he said that he was more interested in a report in preparation by federal prosecutor John Durham, whom the secretary of Justice, Bill Barr, asked to conduct his own investigation.

"That is the report that people really expect," Trump said.



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