Donald Trump reappears and assures that he will not form his own party

Donald Trump Reappears And Assures That He Will Not Form His Own Party

Orlando – Former President Donald Trump reaffirmed this Sunday, without offering any proof, that he was not defeated at the polls in 2020 and assured that he does not intend to create a new party, but that the united Republican Party will be stronger than ever and will win the elections half-term in 2022 and in the presidential elections of 2024.

“Actually, as you know, (the Democrats) just lost the White House, but it’s one of those things, but who knows, who knows. I can even decide to beat them a third time, ”Trump said at the beginning of a long-awaited speech at the closing of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Trump lost the presidential election in November and his multiple legal appeals to question the result were dismissed by the courts. Joe Biden was sworn in as president on January 20.


“No matter how much the Washington establishment and the powerful special interests want to silence us, let there be no doubt. We will be victorious and the United States will be stronger and bigger than ever, ”he stressed to an audience clearly on his part.

Trump began with an hour delay what is his first public intervention since he left the White House on January 20 and was acquitted of his second impeachment in Congress, this time for the seizure of the Capitol by his supporters, which occurred on January 6. last January and with five deaths as a result.

The former Republican president has yet to acknowledge his defeat to Biden, who has reversed many of his predecessor’s policies, including the one on immigration.

“Joe Biden’s decision to cancel border security has single-handedly launched a young migrant crisis that is enriching smugglers, criminal cartels and some of the most evil people on the planet,” said the former president, who ever since left the White House resides in Palm Beach (Florida).

Last week, the Biden Administration presented to Congress an immigration reform bill that provides a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants and has eliminated programs such as the one that forced asylum seekers to wait in Mexico.

He also denied divisions in the Republican Party and denied that he will form his own party.

“They kept saying, a new game is going to start. We have the Republican Party. It will come together and be stronger than ever. I’m not starting a new game. That was false news, ”he stressed.



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