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Donald Trump Reappears With His Pants Inside Out?

Updated 07/06/2021 – 18:26

Donald Trump has again been seen in public. He has done it in a convention of the Republican Party and, as always when the former president of the United States moves a finger, he creates philias and phobias. On this occasion he exhibited a speech as aggressive as he used to when he was president, but that has not been what has attracted attention …

Given the environment, it must be conceded that Trump has performed for ‘his’ audience and therefore has done the performance that ‘his’ audience expected. He did not make any self-criticism about his management of the coronavirus – he was always contrary to prevention measures – nor of course about his false accusations of electoral fraud, which caused serious public disorder. In return, he demanded from China 10 billion dollars in compensation for the coronavirus and 100% tariffs for all products imported from the Asian giant. And of course he accused his winner in the election, Joe Biden, of ‘destroying’ the country.

However, this was to be expected. What most caught the attention of the former American president was his outfit. There were numerous comments on social networks that indicated that he had put his pants backwards !!!

And how is it possible that someone does not realize that he has put his pants on backwards? Well, making it look like this is possible if you wear ‘dress’ pants but with a tracksuit ‘structure’: that is, with an elastic waist and no closure, or closed with a velcro strap. In this case, the pants do not have a zipper or buttons. This type of pants looks like the one the former president was wearing. Otherwise, you have to admit that you did not notice, or did not care, that the zipper was not in the right place. Regardless of the difficulty of dressing, in that case, without help or with help indifferent to the circumstance.

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Be that as it may, Trump has become a trend again even if it is like that. Expelled from twitter and facebook for his false accusations, his convening power was not going through his best moments lately …


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