Donald Trump Received Jair Bolsonaro: “He Has Done a Fantastic Job, Brazil Loves Him And The United States Loves Him”

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, arrived this Saturday in Miami, where he met with his American counterpart Donald Trump, with an agenda focused on business but that takes as a backdrop to the Venezuelan crisis.

During the meeting, Trump praised the Brazilian. “He has done a fantastic, fantastic job. Brazil loves him and the United States loves him, ”he told reporters when he left, flanked by Bolsonaro, at the door of his residence in the city of Palm Beach. “Our friendship is probably stronger now than ever,” he continued.

Bolsonaro, who is recognized as a big fan of his American pair, did not speak to the press.


Both leaders shook hands and retired to dinner, where they shared a table with Brazilian authorities, including Defense Minister Fernando de Azevedo e Silva.

Nicknamed the “Trump of the Tropic,” the Brazilian president arrived in South Florida on Saturday and plans to visit the US Southern Command on Sunday in the city of Doral, neighboring Miami, where he will sign a bilateral agreement with Admiral Craig Faller. defending.

Venezuela, a key point of the agenda

On Venezuela, the presidents renewed their commitment to Juan Guaidó and the “restoration of constitutional order” in the country, as well as support for the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition.

The Venezuelan crisis is one of the main topics of discussion between Trump and Bolsonaro. Both lead the pressure measures against the Venezuelan government and are part of half a hundred countries that consider President Nicolás Maduro illegitimate and, instead, recognize the leader of the opposition, Juan Guaidó, as the president in charge.

And although it does not appear on the official agenda nor has it been cited among the issues that Bolsonaro will address in his four-day visit to Miami, the situation in Venezuela is a central point of Brazil’s foreign policy, which has taken a new step against the Nicolás Maduro government announcing that he will withdraw his diplomats from Caracas.

On Monday the Brazilian ruler has another appointment in which Venezuela will be a central point: a meeting with Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, two of the greatest activists against the Maduro regime in Florida and within the Republican Party.

Bolsonaro’s visit to Miami also has a strong commercial side and the intention of attracting investments for an economy that has not just recovered from the sharp recession of the 2015-2016 period, in which it fell seven percentage points.

According to official data, the Brazilian economy grew an insufficient 1.1% in 2019, even lower than the warm 1.3% expansion recorded in 2017 and 2018.

With the goal of attracting investments that enhance growth, the president will participate on Monday in a seminar that will bring together businessmen from both countries and in which he will present the business opportunities offered by Brazil, especially in the areas of fishing and tourism.

On Tuesday, before returning to Brazil, he will participate in another business event and visit the facilities of the Brazilian aeronautical company Embraer in Jacksonville, which last year sold control of its commercial division to US-based Boeing.

Although it has not yet been confirmed, in the framework of Bolsonaro’s visit, some “bilateral agreements” could be signed, according to the spokesman for the Brazilian Presidency, Otavio Rego Barros.

The official did not specify what they would be, but other sources have said that one refers to the sale of Embraer planes to the United States and another to a research and development treaty in the military area, which could open the world’s largest defense market. to the Brazilian industry.



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