Donald Trump Receives Erdogan On The First Day Of Impeachment Hearings

The US Congress also approved, last week, the recognition of the Armenian genocide, a measure designed to provoke displeasure in Turkey.

A group of lawmakers from both parties wrote to Trump this week to ask him to cancel Erdogan's visit to the White House although there is no indication that he intends to do so. In addition, the third most prominent Republican deputy, Liz Cheney, asked the State Department to deny them entry to Erdogan's bodyguards who participated in the attacks against protesters outside the residence of the Turkish ambassador in 2017.

The White House said before the visit that Trump wanted to continue diplomatic work despite issues that have irritated both countries.


A senior administration official told the press that "the president is committed to direct contact and diplomacy where they are most critical: with Erdogan himself. It is essential to have full and frank contact to address the challenges of this relationship." .

"This is an alliance that is almost 70 years old. It has helped our countries to spend very bleak moments," the official added. "We are not going to throw it away just like that if there is a way forward. This administration believes in commitment. We are going to commit."

Betsy Klein, Sarah Westwood, Phil Mattingly, Ryan Browne and Jennifer Hansler of CNN contributed to this report.



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