Donald Trump Receives The Highest Rank In Taekwondo … Without a Fight

Donald Trump can already boast of being a black belt in taekwondo … despite never having participated in a combat of this modality. The former president of the United States received this distinction from the hands of the president of Kukkiwon Lee Dong-sup, at his home in Mar-a-lago.

Trump was awarded the certificate of the ninth dan, the highest rank in taekwondo, which he boasted on social media by posing with the black belt, the kimono and the certificate that recognizes this ninth dan as an honorary title, a concession of which he also The president of Russia Vladimir Putin boasts, and that allows him to surpass a legend of martial arts such as Chuck Norris, who has a black belt in taekwondo but is eighth dan.

After this distinction, Trump wanted to highlight the importance of taekwondo in daily life. “It is an honor for me to receive this honorary certificate from the 9th dan and I believe that taekwondo is a magnificent martial art of self-defense. I am looking forward to seeing a demonstration of the Kukkiwon taekwondo team,” said the former US president.


Given the uproar and criticism that have been generated as a result of the granting of this rank to Trump, the International Taekwondo Federation has issued a statement dissociating itself from the matter. “Following the news of the delivery of the ninth honorary award to Donald Trump, World Taekwondo wants to clarify that it is not involved in this case. The certificate has been delivered by Kukkiwon, an organization that promotes taekwondo as a martial art and that administers promotions of give all over the world. We understand that as KUkkiwon uses in their motto ‘World Taekwondo Headquarters’, it may create confusion with us. We are responsible for governing the sport of taekwondo at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. And we are focused on our mission to to grow taekwondo as a sport from the grassroots to the elite and contribute to human and social development through taekwondo. “



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