Donald Trump Resort In Miami-Dade Fires 250 Workers

Miami, Florida – The Trump Miami Resorts Management company notified the Florida authorities of the permanent dismissal of 250 workers from the hotel and golf complex it owns in Doral (Miami-Dade), according to official records.

(40 minutes ago)

The 250 fired are part of a group of 560 that President Donald Trump’s company temporarily suspended from employment and salary in March, when the first measures of confinement and closure of businesses began due to COVID-19.


Local media pointed out this Thursday that among the dismissed there are kitchen staff, housekeepers, waiters, engineers and receptionists and none have union affiliation.

The notification was made last week and is already on file with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

The Trump National Doral, which was closed during the confinement of Florida by COVID-19, has reopened some of its facilities, such as the golf course, as a result of the reopening process started on May 4 in the state.

However, others are still closed or are working with capacity limits as Miami-Dade County has established for non-essential business.

When it notified the suspension of employment and wages of more than 500 workers in April, the company emphasized the “sudden, dramatic and unforeseen” nature of the “calamity” of COVID-19.

David Feder, managing director of the golf and hotel complex in Doral, now stated that they have decided the definitive layoffs because of “new and unpredictable information about the severity and duration of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our business.”

In April, the private tourist club Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach, Florida property where the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has his residence, announced that he had “temporarily” suspended more than 150 service workers due to closure for prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to official sources.

In a letter sent in late March to both Palm Beach County and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Mar-a-Lago management indicated that it expected the unpaid leave, totaling 153, to be temporary, but did not report when would the workers return.

Trump delegated the management of his companies to his children and collaborators when he assumed the Presidency in January 2017.



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