Donald Trump Said The Ukrainian Plane Could Have Been Shot Down By Mistake In Iran

Trump: "I have my suspicions about that plane"

WASHINGTON.- The president of the United States,

Donald Trump

He said today that the plane of a Ukrainian airline that crashed yesterday in Tehran
He could have been shot down by accident, although he offered no evidence on those comments.

"Someone may have made a mistake," Trump told reporters at the White House, adding that he suspected that "something very, very terrible" had happened.


In parallel, two US officials said it is "very possible" that the commercial plane with 176 people on board has been shot down by a defensive missile from Iran, perhaps accidentally. Sources said the United States was investigating the case, although the Pentagon declined to comment.

The American magazine Newsweek and the CBS network today paid the thesis that the fall of the Ukrainian passenger plane in Iran was due to the impact of two missiles.

According to informants cited by the US network, the intelligence of that country intercepted signals from two missiles launched by the Iranians, probably of the SA-15 type, detected before an explosion. The hypothesis is that the plane was accidentally hit by those rockets. The aircraft collapsed shortly after Iran's attack with missiles to US bases in Baghdad.

For its part,
the Ukrainian authorities, cited by the media, do not exclude that the fall of the Boeing of Ukrainian International Airlines after taking off from the Tehran international airport may have been caused by the impact with an anti-aircraft missile, a collision of another type or that was the result of a "act of terrorism".

According to Iranian research, however, the plane was going back due to a "problem."

This is how the Boeing 737 was after falling in Tehran Source: AFP

"The plane, which initially went east to leave the airport area, turned right because of a problem and was returning to the airport at the time of the incident," the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization reported on its website.

According to the entity the Ukrainian Boeing "caught fire in flight" before crashing, killing 176 people.

The team of Ukrainian experts investigating the case met today in Tehran with the Iranian civil aviation authorities, who insist that it was a technical problem.

Iran also invited Canada and Sweden to participate in the investigation, which had 63 and 10 deaths respectively in the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the British government today called for a "credible and transparent" investigation into the Ukrainian plane that fell in Iran.

AP and Reuters agencies




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