Donald Trump Said They Wanted Him To Fight AMLO

Rafael Montes

Tabasco / 13.12.2019 19:33:27

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador commented that Donald Trump confessed that there were those who wanted to fight them, but that they both declined to file a lawsuit.


By leading a public event in Teapa, Tabasco, the president presumed the signing of the new trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada T-MEC and the good relationship he has with the president of the United States.

"The signing of the new trade agreement with the United States has been achieved recently, this will mean the arrival of foreign investment, the creation of many jobs and well paid for the benefit of the people of Mexico," said the President.

“Everyone was betting that, as I am from this land, I am from the tropics that I was going to fight with Donald Trump; He even told me: ‘They were betting that we were going to fight but I don't want to fight with you,’ he said, ‘well, neither’ and for there to be a lawsuit, two are needed, ”he added.

He mentioned, "we have understood each other and this has been good, convenient for the United States and for our great country, our great nation, Mexico, we have understood each other because there has been mutual respect and this will help a lot."

At the beginning of his speech, López Obrador recalled his ex-wife, now deceased, Rocío Beltrán, because he said she was originally from Teapa, Tabasco, and acknowledged that he had raised his children well to act righteously.

“This place brings me very good memories because my deceased wife, Rocío, was originally from here, who helped me a lot in different ways; in the most difficult moments he was with me, but I just want to highlight now that he helped me in the formation of our children, because I was in the fight and who took charge of forming them was her and left them well trained, ”he said, moved.




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