Donald Trump Saw "Joker" In The White House And Liked It

The US president did not want to remain without seeing the tape of the villain of Gotham, so he performed a special function in the presidential house.

The success of "Joker" is so much that even the political world does not want to see it. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, joined the list of personalities who joined the fever of the villain of Gotham, so he had an exhibition in the same White House.

According to Yahoo News, an official of the presidential house said that Donald Trump was the host of a special function that was lived there. When he finished watching the film starring Joaquin Phoenix, the impression of the US president would have been positive, adding that he "liked" it.


The news of this unexpected fan adds to other reasons to celebrate that he has "Joker". Last Friday, the film directed by Todd Phillips reached the collection of one billion dollars at the box office, which makes it the first adult rating tape to achieve this achievement, being also the most profitable superhero movie of history



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