Donald Trump Says He Achieved a "two For One" With The Bombing In Which Qasem Soleimani And Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis Died

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, highlighted in a meeting with donors that with the bombing in which the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani died he achieved a "two for the price of one" because the 'number two' of the Forces of Popular Mobilization (FMP) Abú Mahdi al Muhandis.

Trump said Soleimani "was saying bad things about our country" before the attack, which is why he authorized it. "How much do we have to bear to keep listening to this shit? How much are we going to have to listen to?" He lamented, according to CNN.

In fact, Trump did not refer to the "imminent threat" that is officially argued from his Administration as a reason for the attack but instead described Soleimani as a "prominent terrorist" who "was on our list" and "should be in his country" and not visit other countries in the region.


Trump made these comments during a dinner with donors of the Republican Party held Friday in his mansion in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, in which he told minute by minute how was the operation in which Soleimani died, considered a martyr in Iran .

In his speech, he explained how he saw Soleimani arrive at Baghdad International Airport, where he was received by Al Muhandis, 'number two' of the FMP, a coalition of Iraqi pro-government militias supported by Tehran. He was also the leader of the Kataib Hezbollah militia, but Trump referred to him as "the leader of Hezbollah," a clearly differentiated Lebanese militia-party from Kataib Hezbollah.

"It was supposedly invincible"

Trump could see how the military watched the attack from "cameras that were miles away in the sky." "They have two minutes and eleven seconds of life. No emotions. Two minutes and eleven seconds of life, sir," the military explained, according to Trump. "They're in the car. They're in an armored car. Sir, they have about a minute to live, sir. Thirty seconds. Ten, nine, eight, …" he continued.

"Then, suddenly, bum! They are gone, sir. We disconnect. That is the last thing I knew about him," he explained in a story that gives many more details than those officially released. "It was supposedly invincible," he finished.

As for the death of the Islamic State leader, Abú Bakr al Baghdadi, in a US attack on October 27, 2019, Trump said he died "screaming."

"He was shouting. He was crazy," he said, while attributing the dog 'Conan', a Belgian shepherd, "more merit than mine" for the death of Al Baghdad. "The dog 'Conan' has become very famous," he said.

(With information from Europa Press)



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