Donald Trump says he had a "wonderful" conversation with Joe Biden

Donald Trump Says He Had a “wonderful” Conversation With Joe Biden

President Donald Trump said he had a “truly wonderful and warm conversation” with Joe Biden on Monday.

“He gave me his point of view and I understood it perfectly and we had a very cordial conversation,” Trump said in his daily press conference.

The president said he agreed with Biden not to disclose the details of the conversation, but confirmed an earlier statement from the Biden campaign that the Democrat offered “suggestions” on how to deal with the pandemic. Biden had said he wanted to share with Trump some lessons learned from facing similar crises during Barack Obama’s presidency, when he was vice president.


But, Trump added, “That doesn’t mean I agree with those suggestions.”

Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said in a statement that the two had a “good call” in which the Democrat gave Trump some advice and “expressed appreciation to the American people for the spirit with which he responds to the challenges facing the nation. “

Collaborators of the two tried for hours to achieve communication after Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to the White House, asked the former vice president for a “show of support” for Trump. In recent weeks, the Democratic Party presidential candidate has unveiled a series of proposals to respond to the pandemic and criticism of the Trump government for the slowness of its response to the spread of the virus.

Biden said he would “love” to speak to Trump and share the experiences of the Obama administration.

“We have been through this a little differently in the past, and I hope you can learn some lessons from what we did well and perhaps what we did wrong,” Biden said at a virtual news conference.



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