Donald Trump Says He Is Studying Exempting Apple From Trade Tariffs With China

In the last hours the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has visited the factory where the Mac Pro is built in Texas, United States. After touring the manufacturing plant of the new Apple computer, he has made a series of statements related to the trade war between China and the United States, as well as how it affects Apple.

Conditions to match conditions with Samsung

As indicated by the president and Bloomberg collects, there is a possibility that Apple will be exempted from the tariffs for commercial tariffs that will be applied for businesses made with companies in China. In the words of Donald Trump:


"We are seeing that, the problem we have is that you have Samsung, it is a great company, but it is a competitor of Apple. And it is not fair because we have a trade agreement with Korea. But we have to treat Apple on a similar basis to the one we treated Samsun. "

The president has set Samsung as an example precisely because he is one of Apple's competitors. But in his case, he works mainly with South Korea (which is where they have their headquarters), and since the United States has a favorable trade agreement with South Korea, Samsung can avoid tariffs. The same does not happen with Apple, which is not exempt from tariffs right now. It is not the first time that this situation is echoed.

For the rest, the president of the United States toured the factory in Austin where the Mac Pro is manufactured. He did it with Tim Cook, who later thanked the visit of the president and his companions. Along with this visit, Apple's opening of a new campus in Austin has also been announced in recent hours. The new headquarters will open in the city in 2022.

More information | Bloomberg

         Donald Trump says he is studying exempting Apple from trade tariffs with China



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