Donald Trump says he will not participate in a virtual debate because he thinks it is "ridiculous"

Donald Trump Says He Will Not Participate In a Virtual Debate Because He Thinks It Is “ridiculous”

Washington, DC – After the Presidential Debate Committee announced that the next meeting between Donald Trump and Joe Biden would be held virtually, the president said he will refuse to participate because he thinks it is “ridiculous.”

The president, who last week tested positive for COVID-19, made his expressions in an interview with Fox News.

“No, I will not waste my time in a virtual debate, that’s not what a debate is about. Sitting behind a computer and having a debate is ridiculous and then they cut you whenever they want,” Trump said.


The Presidential Debate Committee made the announcement Thursday, a week before the two meet in Miami. Candidates “will participate from separate remote locations,” while participants and the moderator will remain in Miami, the nonpartisan body announced.

After his diagnosis of COVID-19, the president said he was eager to debate with Biden in Miami, adding: “It will be great!”

The Democrat, for his part, said he and Trump “shouldn’t have a debate” as long as the president remains positive for the virus.

The former vice president told reporters in Pennsylvania that he was “looking forward to discussing it,” but “we will have to follow very strict guidelines.”



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