Donald Trump says he will propose a woman to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court

Donald Trump Says He Will Propose a Woman To Fill The Vacancy In The Supreme Court

President Donald Trump said he will nominate a woman next week to fill the vacancy created on the Supreme Court following the death of Minister Ruth Bader Ginsburg and asked the Republican-controlled Senate to consider the appointment without delay.

During a political rally on Saturday night in North Carolina and amid the chorus of “fill that seat,” the president said he will propose a candidate despite the objections of Democrats.

After making what he jokingly said was “too scientific a query” among the Fayetteville crowd as to whether supporters wanted him to be a m an or a woman, Trump declared that he would pick a “very talented and very bright woman.” He said he does not yet know who will be his choice.


“We won an election and those are the consequences,” said the president, who apparently hinted that he would be willing to accept a vote on his nominee in the immediate aftermath of the election. “We have a lot of time. A lot of time. We are talking more or less of January 20 ”.

However, a Republican senator has already distanced herself from Trump’s intentions. Susan Collins of Maine, who faces a difficult re-election, said earlier Saturday that naming Ginsburg’s replacement is up to the president who is elected Nov. 3. Three more defections from the ranks of Republicans would be necessary to prevent the candidate proposed by Trump from entering the court.

The position of the minister who was a defender of women’s rights and spent her final years as the undisputed leader of the liberal wing of the court is in dispute.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky vowed to call a vote to examine Trump’s candidate, but Democrats reversed that Republicans should stick to the precedent they set themselves in 2016 when they refused to consider an appointment to the Supreme Court prior to an election.



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