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Every December there are films that have remained on the television grill in several countries of the world. And that is the case of the famous story of Kevin McAllister, the boy who is left alone in his house after his family traveled and prevents thieves from stealing his home in a funny way.

The saga of 'My Poor Angelito' has become an icon of Christmas movies, says Donald Trump, who appeared in the second installment of the film.

Donald Trump in My Poor Little Angel 2


The appearance of the current president of the USA UU. in the movie 'My Poor Angelito 2'.

In a video call meeting held by the main US president with several soldiers, a sergeant asked him about Donald Trump's 'favorite movie': 'My Poor Little Angel 2'. Before the comment of the soldier, the first thing the president said was: "Well, I appeared in the movie", causing laughter in most of those who participated in the meeting.

Also, the president mentioned that every year many children tell him that 'they just saw him in the movie' and added that "it was many years ago, so to speak 'softly'", referring to the premiere of the film was in 1992 .

Donald Trump continued his response by saying that it was "an honor" to appear, even minimally, in a true "Christmas success."

He ended by emphasizing that every year since that fleeting appearance in 92, many people, especially children, comment on his brief performance in the film.

Controversy in Canada

As is the custom of many television channels in the world, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) aired on Christmas the film, starring Macaulay Culkin (Kevin), but there was a peculiarity that captivated the attention of several.

The renowned scene in which Donald Trump appears, giving directions to Kevin, was not broadcast. CNN Entertainment requested explanations from CBC, which responded through a statement.

The channel said it was an adaptation to adjust the time of the film that "was made before Trump was president of the United States."

Beyond the answer, several called the channel's decision controversial, which said he decided to erase that part because "it had nothing to do with the plot of the film."

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