Donald Trump Says The "impeachment" Has Triggered Its Level Of Popularity

President Donald Trump said Saturday that the "unfair" political trial, or "impeachment" as it is known in English, to which he must submit has shot his level of popularity "through the clouds."

In a speech of more than an hour during a convention of young conservatives in West Palm Beach, Florida, the president considered that the Democrats have no case and only seek an "illegal and unconstitutional impeachment."

The speech comes days after the House approved two articles accusing him of abusing his office by pressuring Ukraine to conduct investigations into a possible corruption case of former vice president and political rival Joe Biden, and a subsequent obstruction when the Congress investigated what happened.


"It's so unfair," Trump said before a delivered hearing of the fifth annual student action event at Turning Point USA, which brings together some 5,000 young conservatives between 15 and 25 until Sunday in West Palm Beach, near where Trump has his Private club and Mar-a-Lago mansion.

During these days, according to the organization's website, young people receive "first class activism and leadership training" from those responsible for activist organizations and political leaders such as Congressman Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Jr. and the president's personal lawyer , Rudolph W. Giuliani, among others.

Trump presumed that his Government had achieved only in the last month more than "any president in eight years in office."

Among these achievements would be the approval this Thursday in the House of Representatives of the new Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada (T-MEC), the stable growth of the economy and an unemployment figure that remains below 4%, at levels not seen in 50 years.

"We are replacing the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) disaster with the new T-MEC," President Trump said. Among the successes of his Government he cited the construction of the wall on the border of Mexico, which he said they have already raised about 160 kilometers, which led the young people again to cheer him.

But he warned that all that will be at risk in the presidential elections of November 2020, in his opinion, the "most important" in the country, because all the Democratic candidates for the White House candidacy "want to destroy what we have built" .




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