Donald Trump Says The Islamic State Leader Died "like a Dog"

Donald Trump says that the leader of the Islamic State died "like a dog" .- Through a statement on television, the president of the United States reported that Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi, Leader of the Islamic State, committed suicide after being cornered in an operation .

Donald Trump says the Islamic State leader died "like a dog"

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Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi committed suicide with his three children

Donald Trump said that Al Bagdadi "died like a dog" along with three of his young children, after committing suicide with an explosive vest to be cornered by the military operation that began weeks ago.

“He was a sick and depraved man, and he already left. He died like a dog, died like a coward, the world is today a much safer place, ”he said.

The president revealed that a few weeks ago he began an operation by United States Special Operations forces in northwestern Syria, during which they stormed the resistance in which the Islamic State Leader was located.

Trump explained that for this military mission they had 50 men from the Delta Force, 70 from the United States Army Rangers and six combat helicopters, which gathered important information from the terrorist group.

“There have been, however, a good number of casualties among the companions of the ISIS leader. The US special forces have seized numerous sensitive information related to the terrorist group, ”he said.

Al-Baghdadi was hidden for the past five years between Syria and Iraq. According to a report in 2015, the leader of the terrorist group was seriously injured, even remained in a bed, by an American attack, however, this version was never confirmed.

Donald Trump says the Islamic State leader died "like a dog"

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