Donald Trump Says The Turkish Offensive In Syria Is a "bad Idea" Https:// "El Universal

Washington.- US President Donald Trump called the offensive launched by Turkey in northeastern Syria against a Kurdish militia on Wednesday.

"This morning Turkey, a NATO member, invaded Syria. The United States does not support that attack and clearly indicated to Turkey that this operation was a bad idea," Trump said in a brief statement, three days after announcing the withdrawal of US military. from northern Syria.

Turkish bombings in northern Syria killed at least two civilians, a Kurdish militia said.


"Two civilians were killed, two others were injured during the Turkish air bombing" over a village west of the Ras Al Ain border area, said the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) military operations coordination center.

Meanwhile, thousands of people fled from Turkish air bombings in northern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH) reported on Wednesday.

"Thousands have fled the area of ​​Ras al Ain … and Tal Abyad," OSDH director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP. The displaced fled to adjacent sectors, he said.

The UN Security Council will hold a closed-door emergency meeting on Thursday morning to address the military situation in Turkey, diplomatic sources reported.

The meeting, claimed by the European members of the Council (Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom), will take place after another meeting, also behind closed doors, on Colombia, according to the same sources.

Turkey began its military operation in northern Syria on Wednesday, an offensive that arouses the suspicion of the international community and targets a Kurdish militia considered by Ankara as a terrorist group.

"The Turkish armed forces and the Syrian national army (Syrian rebels supported by Ankara) started the operation 'Source of peace' in northern Syria," Erdogan said on the social network Twitter.

"Turkish warplanes have begun to bomb civil zones, there is panic among the people," a spokesman for the Kurdish forces, Mustafa Bali, confirmed.

This operation aims, according to Erdogan, "the terrorists" of the Kurdish militia Units for the Protection of the People (YPG) and members of the jihadist group Islamic State.

Turkey considers the YPG a "terrorist" group, due to its links with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which is conducting a guerrilla war against Turkey.

"Our mission is to prevent the creation of a terrorist zone on our southern border and bring peace to this area," Erdogan explained.

Specifically, Ankara wishes to create a "security zone" for Syrian refugees in Turkey and separate the Turkish border from YPG positions.

"The security zone that we are going to create will allow the return of Syrian refugees (who are in Turkey, ndlr) to their country," the president added.



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