Donald Trump Says The US Have a Plan To Contain The Coronavirus

Donald Trump, president of the United States, tried on Wednesday to bring peace to his population after the appearance in the country of the first case of the deadly coronavirus, which spreads from China to other countries. He did it from the World Economic Forum in Davos, in Switzerland, where he said he has "a plan" to contain it.

"We are in very good shape and we believe that China is also in very good shape," said the president, quoted by CNBC News. "We believe that we have already handled it very well," he added about the first case detected, a man who traveled from the Asian country.

Trump also said that "the United States has the situation completely under control" and said that the infected person "will be fine."


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For his part, the president, who is in Switzerland away from the political trial that takes place in the US Senate and that can lead to his removal, praised the "very good professionals" in the Centers for Disease Control based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The first measures taken by the Government were to control passenger traffic on connecting flights from Wuhan, China, in the main airports of New York and California, where the disease was first reported.

According to the Department of Health, the only person detected with the virus in North American territory is a man in Seattle, Washington, who had contracted the disease with symptoms similar to pneumonia, after flying from China.

Passengers with masks in Hong Kong, one of the places that already detected cases of coronavirus. (AP)

The disease killed at least nine patients and made more than 400 sick, according to the National Health Commission of China. Some cases have also been confirmed in Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

"Although the route of transmission of the virus is still to be fully understood, there is a possibility that it will mutate and the risk of further spread," said Li Bin, deputy minister of the Chinese Health Commission, at the first press conference since outbreak detection last month.

Britain, Russia, Mexico and several other countries also already implement controls for passengers traveling from Wuhan, one of the most important transshipment centers in China.

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