Donald Trump Says The US Will End AIDS In The Next 10 Years

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, Donald Trump said his Government has already begun the process to eradicate the disease in the United States.

Through social networks, the American president referred to the promise he made in February to end AIDS in his country before 2030.

«Today we reaffirm our commitment to end the HIV / AIDS epidemic in the US, community by community, where we will end it in 10 years, with a program that has already begun. The American leadership has shown that we can save lives, ”Trump wrote.


During his annual address on the State of the Union in February, Trump asked Congress to work with him to "eliminate the HIV epidemic within 10 years." In addition, he requested $ 291 million for the initiative in his budget for fiscal year 2020.

However, scientists believe that groups that would be an obstacle to Trump's policies would be the LGBT community, Latinos, African Americans and the poorest people.



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