Donald Trump Scene Removed In My Poor Little Angel 2 – Televisa

As in Mexico and other countries, the transmission on Canadian television of My poor little angel and its sequel is a Christmas tradition. However, the edition of a certain scene in My poor little angel 2: Lost in New York generated some controversy this week.

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This is the cameo of Donald Trump in the film, when Kevin's character – played by Macaulay Culkin – arrives at the Hotel Plaza in New York and runs into the then owner of the hotel.


Kevin McCallister asks about the lobby, which gives Mr. Trump the opportunity to recite his brief dialogue. "Down the hall to the left." The New York tycoon had never been so concise.

Despite the short appearance of the now president of the United States, the Canadian state television station, CBC, cut this scene from its broadcast, which did not go unnoticed by Mr. Trump's followers in the United States.

In social networks, users accused the state television station of censoring the scene for political reasons, citing the quarrel between Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom the US president accused of being a “double sided”.

Even Don Jr, one of the president’s sons, posted a long rant on his Instagram account to point out that the issue was a “pathetic” maneuver of the “liberal media” to erase “one of the most famous cameos of the time” .

Watch the unpublished scene below:

In a statement, the CBC said the edition is due to the need to adjust the programming so that it can fit into a commercial format.

According to the television, Trump's scene is not an integral part of the plot, so it could be cut, along with another eight minutes of the tape.

Finally, the CBC said that these cuts were made in 2014, when the television acquired the rights to broadcast the film, two years before Mr. Trump won the presidency.

In a videoconference, the president said Tuesday that being part of the cast of a "great Christmas success", as it was My poor little angel 2, had been "an honor."



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