Donald Trump Sent a Hilarious Message To Queen Elizabeth II About The Dukes Of Sussex

January 13, 2020 10:57 PM

Roughness grows between the president and British royalty!

Meghan Markle is not one of the favorite people of the president of the United States, Donald Trump and vice versa. For the leader, she is "nasty"; He said so during his visit to London last June. However, he denied it on Twitter and confirmed that the duchess was “unfriendly” with him when he called him “misogynist” and also planted the presidential family in a tribute that was made in his honor at Buckingham Palace.


But that old wrinkle is
extended until these dates when the international press still rumbles
Dukes' decision to distance themselves from their official commitments. With this
stir, the American president gave his back to Queen Elizabeth II with a hilarious
message that clearly charged against the monarch of 35 years and the exactriz of 38
years. “The queen of England is a woman who has never been wrong, who has
had a perfect reign, and now going through a sad situation as a result
of the announcement of Meghan and Prince Harry to leave their role as members of the
British royal family".

In the middle of an interview
On Fox News with Laura Ingraham, Trump said: “I think I shouldn't
Be passing her. She is a great woman and I have always felt respect for her
and for everything he does, ”he sealed his speech. At the same time, he said no
understand the decision that the dukes made in the case of such a family
solid that, for years, has left the real protocol well stopped.

After the meeting at the door
closed between the dome of the United Kingdom; with Queen Elizabeth II, the youngest grandson Harry, the eldest grandson Guillermo and his son Carlos had a face to
face to talk about the separation of the dukes of Sussex from
his "senior" duties in the Crown
. So the monarch's response shook the entire world
and it was replicated by all means.

“Today my family had
very constructive discussions about the future of my grandson and his family. Me
family and I fully support Harry and Meghan's desire to create a
new life as a young family ”, that was part of the Queen’s speech
England while also referring to the "financial independence" of the young couple. Speech
full of the Queen
Isabel II in this link



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