Donald Trump Separated 1,556 Children From Their Families; More Than Informed

Washington.- The Government of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, in his policy of separating the families of undocumented immigrants after their detention at the border, separated 1,566 minors from their relatives more than what had been reported, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The civil liberties advocacy organization indicated that the Department of Justice disclosed the final bill, which places 5,460 children in total who were separated from their families while this policy was applied, a few hours before the deadline given by a federal court for the identification of all children separated from their relatives since mid-2017.

It is impressive that another 1,566 families, including infants and infants, join the other thousands already separated by this inhuman and illegal policy, "said Lee Gelernt, an ACLU lawyer.


"Families have suffered tremendously and some may never recover," he added.

Gelernt added that the Department of Justice has been sending the names of separated families to that organization and completed those records on Thursday, but expressed concern that adult relatives have been deported without their children.

"These are families that we will have to look for all over the world," Gelernt said. "We are in the process of looking for them."

The majority of children, separated from their families after crossing the border to request asylum in the United States, are under 12, including more than 200 with ages below five years.

During his election campaign in 2016, Trump promised a severe policy to stop illegal immigration and a year later his government began separating minors from their relatives who were held in detention centers or taken to different parts of the country.

In many cases their relatives, mainly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, were deported or returned to their countries without knowing the whereabouts of their children.

Last April, federal judge Dana Sabraw, of a court in San Diego (California), gave the Trump administration six months to provide ACLU with the count of all minors placed in federal custody and separated from their families .

The civil rights defender's organization initiated complaints before the courts, within a program that has been put in place to locate all affected families and verify that children have been reunited with their relatives.

According to ACLU, the children were released from federal shelters between July 1, 2017 and June 2018, when Sabraw ordered the Government to cease the practice of separating adults and minors, and to bring together more than 2,700 children still in their custody. .

But then neither Sabraw nor ACLU knew that there were other minors who had been separated from their families months before and placed in shelters run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

A report from the HHS General Inspection revealed last January that the Government could have separated more families than those reported so far.

Last month, the Trump administration implemented a new policy for granting asylum under which migrants who request it must remain in any other country through which they have crossed until the processing of their applications is complete.

Tens of thousands of Central Americans now await in Mexico the processing of their asylum requests.

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