Donald Trump Separates Him For "delinquent" At The NATO Summit, He Has Not Invested What Was Promised In Defense

Pedro Sánchez goes to the NATO summit, which is held on Wednesday in London, under a climate of diplomatic hostility towards Spain, which continues to occupy the tail of the partners in military spending: not a hundredth has moved in a year. The Socialist has breached the promise he made to Donald Trump in 2018, which is why the United States has left the President the Government out of all the important meetings of the appointment.

US President Donald Trump has started stomping on his official visit to the United Kingdom, where he goes to the NATO summit. Spain will also be present. In his first press conference in British territory, the US president has described as "criminals" the rulers of countries that do not fulfill the commitment to allocate 2 percent of their GDP to military spending. Something with which the 29 partners of the alliance engaged in a 2014 summit.

Among the most indicated countries is Spain. In a recent NATO report on the military spending of the allies, Spain is ranked second by the tail. Luxembourg alone, with 600,000 inhabitants and a territory that occupies half of La Rioja, spends less on weapons and soldiers.


Spain attends this summit just over a year after the previous one, in June 2018, when Pedro Sánchez committed himself to Donald Trump to assume the rise in military spending that the White House insistently demanded. However, a year later, military spending has not risen by a single hundredth: in 2018 it was 0.92% of GDP and in 2019 that same 0.92 is repeated. It is the only country in the queue that has not even increased its ratios, as reflected in the latest NATO audit.

Sanchez, ignored

Sources of the Ministry of Defense involved in the preparation of this summit, which has been developing with work meetings since last summer, explain that the situation with which Spain goes to the conclave is "very delicate." Spain will not participate in any of the major bilateral meetings or lunches that will be held by the main nations of the Alliance. Sanchez will attend the appointment to occupy a “secondary position”.

Sanchez is out of the bilateral meetings that Trump will hold with Germany, France, Italy and Denmark. Not even at work lunch with the United Kingdom, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Countries that already fulfill that commitment of expenditure. In defense areas they admit that they expect during these days "explicit attacks by Trump on Spain."

The "delinquent" club

Instead, explain the sources consulted, Spain will return to face common in the summit with Canada and the rest of nations that fail to comply with that commitment. The "delinquent," as Trump called them a few weeks ago.

Sanchez will defend that his Government supports the Alliance with participation in international missions and collaboration with the United States in military bases such as Rota and Morón de la Frontera, key to the Pentagon's strategy for Africa and the Middle East. But, as the White House responded to Rajoy and later to Sánchez, it is not enough.



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