Donald Trump Shared A Montage That Shows Him As Rocky Balboa

Donald Trump Shared a Montage That Shows Him As Rocky Balboa

Donald Trump faces several battles and is willing to put on boxing gloves. In the middle of the investigations of the Congress towards a political judgment, and to a year of the elections in which it will look for his re-election, the American president shared a photo in which he appears with the body of the legendary Rocky Balboa.

Trump uploaded the montage to his Twitter without an epigraph or comment. Perhaps the words were left over for the metaphor of the Republican leader, who has already shared other edited images with his face, although on other occasions they were retweets from other accounts. This time, it was uploaded directly to its official profile.

The character of the "Italian stallion", protagonist of a saga that already has eight films, is a symbol of struggle and courage.


Sylvester Stallone's body in a poster of the film was "tanned" for the occasion, making it match the president's characteristic skin tone.

The actor has a facet of activism, and a past of support for the Republican Party, although in 2016 he rejected an offer to be part of the Trump administration.

In February, Trump was declared "in very good health" by the White House doctor after hours of exams. The president, known for his love for hamburgers and well-made steaks and his aversion to the gym, gained weight in the last year and raised his body mass index to the obese category, weighing 110 kilos and a height of 1.90m. His official stature has been a topic of controversy, since in 2012 his driver's license reported 1.88m and he has not looked taller than other world leaders of that size.



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