Donald Trump Signed An Executive Order To Activate The Reserve Military

Washington – The President Donald trump He signed an executive order that allows the military to be put into operation in the reserve to increase the number of military personnel mobilized in the face of the coronavirus crisis, according to a Pentagon statement sent this Saturday to Efe.

A spokesman for the US Defense Department, Jonathan Hoffman, detailed in the note that the president signed on Friday that decision that authorizes the holder of th at portfolio, Mark Esper, “to order individual units and members in the National Guard and the Reserve, and from the Prepared Individual Reserve to become active to increase forces for an effective response to the coronavirus outbreak. “

The Prepared Individual Reserve is made up of off-duty reservists and soldiers, who are usually considered to be outside the Armed Forces and who are rarely called up.


According to Trump’s order, these troops can be active for up to two years and if it is decided to call them up, no more than a million can be summoned at the same time.

For its part, the National Guard is a reserve body under the control of the states, so its deployment depends on the governors, although with this decision the Pentagon now has the power to mobilize it.

Hoffman said that those who will be called up will be “people from units in barracks and with highly demanded medical capabilities,” and clarified that, at the moment, the Pentagon does not have an exact number of the military that it will mobilize.

“The (Defense) Department is committed to using all of its capabilities to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, and the President’s action ensures that we can bring elected members of the reserve and National Guard to fight (against COVID-19) where they are most need, “said Hoffman.

This Friday, the United States, which records the highest number of infections worldwide, crossed the barrier of 100,000 cases detected.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, USA. it has 105,470 cases; followed by Italy, with 86,498; and China, with 81,997.



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