Donald Trump Signed The Budget Agreement To Avoid Government Shutdown, But Only For a Month

The American president, Donald Trump, signed on Thursday night a temporary budget commitment adopted by Congress and valid until December 20, in order to avoid the paralysis of federal administrations, known as "shutdown."

Despite the months of negotiations, the Democratic opposition and the Republicans have not reached a longer-term budget agreement, mainly because of their differences around the financing of the border wall with Mexico, Trump's great campaign promise to fight Against illegal immigration.

Divided by the political trial investigation against the president launched by the Democrats in the House of Representatives, lawmakers are concerned about their ability to reach a long-term budget agreement before the next deadline of December 20.


The provisional measure was signed by Trump after it was approved by the Senate, controlled by the Republicans, by 74 votes in favor and 20 against. On Tuesday he had passed through the House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, with 231 votes against 192.

The temporary budget includes a salary increase of 3.1% for the US military, finances the operation of the large census planned for 2020 and also important plans for the health sector.

Since Trump's arrival at the White House, in January 2017, the United States has suffered two “shutdowns” or paralysis of federal offices due to lack of budget, one of them 35 days, the longest in the country's history, between late 2018 and early 2019.

(With information from AFP)



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