Donald Trump Spoke About The Suspicions Of The Origin Of The Coronavirus In a Chinese Laboratory

A serious error in a laboratory in Wuhan City may have caused COVID-19. It appears that China was not seeking to create a biological weapon, but to demonstrate its ability to identify and fight viruses in the same or better way than the United States, sources told Fox News.

“We are hearing the story more and more … we are doing a very complete examination of this horrible situation,” said Donald Trump, when asked about this version during a press conference.

Sources who spoke to the American media said that the initial transmission was from a bat to a human, and that patient zero worked in the laboratory in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the pandemic originated.


“This could be one of the most expensive cover-ups in history,” a source told Fox News.

The evidence supporting this release comes from classified information and other types of documents, such as open-source sources.

The evidence obtained details the efforts of doctors in the Chinese laboratory to contain the spread. Apparently, in the wet market in Wuhan, where other versions say the virus originated, bats have never been sold.

“There is a great deal of rumor and speculation on a wide variety of media, blogging sites, and others. It should not be surprising that we have become very interested and that there is a lot of intelligence paying attention, ”Army General Mark Milley, chief of staff, said at a press conference.

China reportedly erased all sorts of information and data related to the accident in the laboratory in Wuhan, where reports said samples were destroyed and contaminated areas washed. All this with the purpose of leaving no traces or evidence.

It should be remembered that in the beginning, when the first outbreaks and patients with coronavirus were not yet known, China persecuted the doctors and researchers who tried to warn about the danger of the disease.

Two years before the new coronavirus pandemic traveled the world, officials from the United States Embassy repeatedly visited a Chinese research center in Wuhan City and sent two official warnings to Washington about inadequate security in the laboratory, which was conducting risky studies on bat coronavirus. The cables have fueled discussions within the US government as to whether this or any other Wuhan laboratory was the source of the virus, even though no conclusive evidence has yet emerged, “Rogin said in his article.

Beijing informed the World Health Organization (WHO) around December 31 that a new viral strain had been born in that city, but lied when assuring that it was already under control and without any possibility that it would expand beyond the province that contained it, Hubei, west of Shanghai. In the same communication, he had stated that the first cases dated from the middle of the last month of last year.

NBC News gained access to secret papers from US intelligence agencies that had data about a collapse in the Wuhan health system as early as November. The information came to the analysts through intercepted communications, but, above all, with images that showed a sustained increase in the health centers of that city.

The reports, according to that independent media, were not formalized due to lack of conclusive material, so they were not transmitted to the White House, a situation confirmed by the United States Department of Defense in a communication made Thursday night. “We can confirm that the media reports of the existence / launch of a coronavirus-related product / evaluation at the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) in November 2019 are incorrect,” he said. of a statement by Dr. R. Shane Day, colonel of the Air Force and director of said center.



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