According To Analysts, Time Is Running Out For Trump's Diplomacy With North Korea

Donald Trump Spoke Of The End Of The North Korean Moratorium On Nuclear Tests: "Kim Jong-un Will Do What He Has To Do"

The US president said he believes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will honor his denuclearization commitments even though he has threatened a "new strategic weapon."

“We signed a contract talking about denuclearization. That was the number one phrase: "Denuclearization," which was developed in Singapore. I think he is a man of his word, ”Trump told reporters before traveling to Florida to celebrate the new year.

The president alluded to the 2018 meeting in Singapore in which both approved a vague statement about the "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula" and agreed to enter into new bilateral relations.


But the failure to reach an agreement on reducing US sanctions and what North Korea could give in return led to the failure of a second meeting between both leaders in Hanoi last February. North Korea gave Washington a year to offer concessions, but that didn't lead to anything.

On Wednesday Kim announced the end of the moratorium on nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missiles and threatened to present a new weapon very soon, according to the North Korean press. Trump reiterated that he and Kim "like each other" and have a very good relationship.

“He represents his country. He will do what he has to do, ”he said.

USA "wants peace, not confrontation"

North Korea's threat to resume nuclear missile tests is a deep disappointment for the United States, which wants peace and not a confrontation w ith Pyongyang, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

"If President Kim has breached the commitments he made to President Trump, it is deeply disappointing," Pompeo told CBS television after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared the end of the moratorium on missile tests, both nuclear and intercontinental ballistics.

“We have acted according to our commitments. We continue to hold the hope that he will act according to his own, ”added the head of US diplomacy.

"President Trump has taken an approach in which we have tried to create a diplomatic path," said Pompeo. "We hope that North Koreans will reconsider, that they will continue on that (diplomatic) path … We want peace, not confrontation."

In another interview, released by Fox News shortly after North Korean state media cited Kim threatening the demonstration of a "new strategic weapon," Pompeo called the leader of the Asian country to change the course of his actions.

"We hope that President Kim will make the right decision and choose peace and prosperity instead of conflict and war," said Pompeo.

The self-imposed ban on missile tests is one of the pillars of nuclear diplomacy that Pyongyang and Washington have developed over the past two years, in which Trump and Kim have met three times but no tangible breakthrough has been recorded. talks.

Pyongyang calls for a reduction in the international sanctions imposed on it by its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, but the Trump administration believes that North Korea must make more concrete gestures before obtaining a flexibilization.

(With information from AFP)



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